Tuesday, January 30, 2018


What an incredible trip this has been. I am finally home after a long day of traveling and I am reflecting on these past few days in Paris. We did a ton of sight seeing and talked miolles and miles to visit the Eiffel tower both at night and during the day, visited the Louvre, Notre Dame, and the underground mall. It was so much fun trying to navigate around the city, shop, find meals, and see some of the most famous monuments. I am sad the trip was over it was such an amazing experience.

The Wasserman's

Thursday was another full day. In the morning Franchise Vannier did a presentation on soil geology and terroir at the hotel, and later took us out to a few vineyards to learn more in the field. The rest of the day consisted of visiting several wineries where we were able to talk to winemakers about their experiences and gain insight by asking them questions. After the wineries we went to Becky Wasserman’s house. Her husband Russel cooked us a delicious meal that is still my favorite that I have had so far. I sat by Russel during dinner and had wonderful conversations with him. I learned that he is a genius when it comes to vintages and could tell me exactly what ones were warm, dry, etc. going all the way back to nearly the 60’s. The dinner felt like we were a part of a big family and was a great break from all of the busy past few days. 

Monday, January 29, 2018

annnnd the end

After a short day and a half in Paris, it is time to wrap up an head on to the next adventure. Since I have been to Paris on a previous trip, I feel that I had a good idea of what to expect, but I am forever in awe of how large city are. Paris is busy with people running everywhere, which also leaves it with a slightly grimy feeling to it. The seven remains students took time to walk around the city, admire the Eiffel Tower in the day time and also at night, and see some of the main attractions. It was a fantastic time in paris with good friends! As a conclusion, I am incredibly sad that the class is over. I learned so much more than I was expecting and can not wait to get into the wine industry.

Until Next Time...

This month has been an absolute blast, we met a wide variety of people with incredible backgrounds and drank what felt like hundreds of top-level wines. This was my first experience out of the country and ready to explore more places.

In Burgundy I learned about the history of France and wine when we went to museums, wineries, and met with wine professionals. I was able to ask a lot of questions relating to my degree and interests in wine, mostly pertaining to sales, advertising, and operations. I learned that most wineries in Burgundy sell less than 5% of their product directly to consumers, this is a very different business model than what we see in the U.S. This is because of the way the market it is and the response that would be received from consumers and growers if change occurred.

I had a great experience and am very thankful for those who made it happen and educated us about wine among other things along the way.

Saint Vincent

The Saint Vincent Tournant was my all time favorite! We made the hour plus drive to the Macon region of burgundy where the wine festival was being held this year. The event happens every january, rotating through villages who would like to host it. Beginning in the 1920's it has only missed a few years due to world wars. We walked around for hours looking at the cute village that had a theme this year of recycling (great idea to use corks to craft little grape bunches!). The tournament had food, tastings, a lot of people and live music.

Chateau De La Cree

On Jan 26th we visited Chateau de la Cree. The chateau is a 14th century building that is now owned by the owners of Domaine Serene (located in OR). We took a lovely tour through the inside before a tasting. It was neat to see the original wall that was built, on of the only parts of the structure that was still standing after being hit hard in the French Revolution. After the chateau we were joined for lunch by President Hellie and the trusties that are on the trip for a quick bite before we headed outside in the vineyard for a talk on climates with Benjamin. The day was finished off with a fantastic meal at Becky Wassermans beautiful home. The dinner was a large group of over 20, with fantastic foods made by her husband Richard. Wasserman runs an import group in France but is originally from America.

Final Thoughts

This experience has been amazing. I would have never thought a year ago that I would be in France studying wine. I am very happy to have taken the fundamentals class with Jeff and dip my toes into the wine industry. I never knew how complex wine was until I started in the class. Very happy it has taken me to Paris today. I have learned so much and gotten to see things I would never see in the classroom. Getting to go out and experience the culture of French and see the history in person has been amazing. Also getting to meet and becoming so close to the rest of my classmates has been great, plans have already been made to get together back in the states.