Friday, December 12, 2014

Fall Harvest Experience: TONS of fruit

I worked at A to Z Wineworks and REX HILL for my fall harvest experience! The main thing I did for four weekends was sort fruit, and it was a fascinating experience. After meeting my supervisor inside, I would go out to fruit sorter and put on a massive plastic apron. Then, I would climb onto a wooden platform where I stood all day to sort. There were always three to four people sorting fruit at one time; we would look for mold, giant spiders, unripe grapes, and leaves that could not go into the wine. I learned a lot about the sizes of different types of grapes (for example, Pinot Noir fruit is relatively small), I learned about the different colors of grapes, and I learned about all of the different insects that are involved in the sorting process. The most fruit we sorted in one day was about 40 tons! It was exhausting, but I met some really cool people (there was someone from Germany, someone from Switzerland, someone from Australia, and someone from New Zealand!) and I got to eat yummy food. Overall, I really enjoyed my fall harvest experience, and I now have a deeper understanding and appreciation of where Oregon wine comes from.

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