Friday, December 5, 2014

Harvestin' Woman

The harvest of fall 2014 was one for the books. Let me set the scene. You drive into rolling Dundee Hills covered in the curving green of vines and accented with the scattered burst of purple grapes. You top the hill to find a well kept grass and bark landscape supporting several wooden chairs to bask in the sun and revel in the stupendous view. You are sipping on the finest White Rose Estate Pinot Noir when two chipper young ladies dressed in white long sleeves and fantastic suspenders cross your path. Those young ladies are named Amber and Sherry.

As the newest additions we had a ton to learn - including our men's jean size. Fitted in our new ensembles, we headed to the winery. We began with simple tasks such as cleaning bungs and sanitizing equipment. After showing our skills, we were promoted to pump overs. Twenty minutes per tank were spent spraying wine through intoxicating scents and a layer of fruit flies; all while maintaining our balance on a ladder high above the cement winery floor. As the weeks went on we learned more about the industry and important tasks that were completed in the winery during harvest and crush. From barrel topping to tasting the fermenting wine, we experienced everything that White Rose Estate employees do on a daily basis.

Our time at White Rose Estate came to a sad end, but the hands on experience and knowledge we gained will be kept and built upon as our internship continues into the final two phases.

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