Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Harvest experience 2014

             During my fall harvest I chose to do my internship with Anderson Family Vineyard. The family was very helpful in my learning experience. When I arrived at the vineyard at 5:45 am we started by placing buckets of grapes into pallet crates and weighing them using a large scale and the fork lift. This was the first step before the grapes were then put into the sorting table where we picked out any leftover leaves and the de stemmed grapes were put into the plastic fermenters. We used pallet jacks to then move the crates into their shop where Mr. Anderson then added suffer into the vats. We worked all day until 6 at night doing these same things. One challenge that we faced was that it was hard to keep up with how many grapes were coming up the hill. They used a quad with a trailer that brought up 12 buckets of grapes at a time. This was a very efficient way to bring up the grapes and we were able to process the grapes very quickly. Overall I learned a lot from this experience and it was a very helpful in bettering my knowledge if the wine industry. It's very easy to learn quickly when you are thrown into the excitement of harvest.

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