Monday, January 19, 2015

Oregon Teachings

   As I lay here at 6:30 am wide awake, thank you jet lag, I have had some time to reflect on the first few weeks of Jan Term and the people that we had the opportunity to meet with. First stop, David Adelsheim.
   David gave us a great PowerPoint presentation of the comparisons of Burgundy and Oregon, and the French influences on Oregon. This was very informative and had some amazing pictures that we were privileged to see. He really drew from his experiences and the growth that he, and his wife, were able to have because of the French influences. One big takeaway I took from this is that, even though the French Pinots are planted and grown in limestone, the oceanic soils also can make great wine. He told us that some people believed  that Pinot can only be grown in limestone, but he took a risk and it obviously paid off in the end. Without David, and others, Oregon's wine industry wouldn't be where it was today!
  The next stop was with Ian Birch, a winemaker for Eveningland and 7 Springs. This man embodies the French influences. He travels back and forth from Oregon to France, like many others. He talked about how his experiences influence his winemaking techniques. We had the opportunity to try the highest rated wine in Oregon, thus far, which was 98 points. This just shows how amazing and giving the wine industry can be. I feel extremely grateful for all of these experiences!
  I unfortunately could  not attend the last day where they met with David Milliman at Domain Drouhin, but I look forward to meeting Robert Drouhin while we are here in France.
  Being in Beaune is so surreal, and I look forward to the adventures and the learning that we will be experiencing while here.

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