Monday, January 19, 2015

Jan. Term Part 1: Oregon

   For the first few weeks of January term we spent time at several wineries exploring the connection that Oregon has with Burgundy. We first met with David Adelshein at Adelshein winery. He explained to us how he spent time in France and hosted French winemakers as well as protege winemakers. His talk was rich with Oregon's historical connection with France.
   Next we met with DDO and David Millman, who explained more about DDO's direct connection with France. He also explained briefly about some of the regions in France and how the labeling works on the wine bottles. The last Oregon vineyard we visited was Evening Land where we met with Ian Birch, a winemaker. He explained how Evening Land is consulted by a French renowned winemaker Dominique Lafon. He also let us taste the highest scoring Oregon wine as of yet, which was a good learning experience to see what experts call a "great" wine.
    Lastly we met with Linfield graduate Whiteny Schubert, who prepared us for our France immersion by briefing us on the history of the vineyards and how the system works there, along with location of the area in France. Overall the Oregon connection with France has proved to be very helpful while in France.

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