Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Little Lady, Big Business, Becky Wasserman

After a few days in Beaune we visited the sweetest little lady you will ever meet, she didn't stand much more than 5 foot but she was an inspiration to listen to. She invited us over for dinner in her beautiful house that she told us usto be a barn, with stone floors and walls and a magnificent wood beam ceiling it was a pleasure to be in such a homey place. She began by talking to us about how she first got into the wine industry. Over 25 years ago she traveled to the us with one French oak barrel. When she arrived she met with a few people in the California wine industry. They took great interest in the French barrels. She sold her one barrel in the us and after making a lot of connections in the us, the American wine makers wanted more. She then began importing barrels into the us. She was a one woman operation at first but as the demand for barrels grew so did her small company. Then by making these United States connections realized the demand for French wine. Becky began by shipping small quantities of wine to the us. Sometimes only a case at a time. Just like the barrel importing grew so did the wine importing. She was eventually shipping enough wine to fill entire containers. She began hiring on staff to help her with this massive feat and because of the way that she was discriminated against as a woman she only hired female workers. Throughout the life of her business she has held true to this idea and now maintains a crew of over 50 female workers. Her wine importing business has been very successful and it's amazing to see that one person can make such a big impact on an industry. The food we had was absolutely delicious and the wine that went with it was also very good! We tried 4 different types of wine at their house and then even opened a bottle of 1993 Pinot too which was so nice! It's not every day that you run into people as nice, welcoming and just genuinely happy as Becky and Russell. Thank you both we all really enjoyed spending time with you guys and hopefully our paths will cross again.

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