Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Oregon vs Burgundy Take Away

          During my Oregon and burgundy wine experiences I have learned so much although I feel I haven't even really scratched the surface of knowledge about wine. Its so interesting to see the difference between the Oregon and burgundy. Some of the take aways that I have about this experience is that to begin with Burgundy has such a long history of making wine that Oregon is just a speck in history compared to Burgundy. We talked to so many people who have been in the industry in burgundy for so long and their families have been growing and making wine for generations its incredible to think that walking through the deep dark and moldy cellars of Joseph Drouhin we saw bottles of wine that were made before the Oregon wine industry was even in question. I also think that in Oregon we have so much to learn simply because we have not even half of the experience of the generations of French winemaking. also I learned that minerality is a touchy word in wine. we learned from a scientist that there is no such proof of what minerals taste like thus we cannot tell if a wine tastes minerally, even though winemakers will swear by the minerality of their wine. This is not to say that they are wrong theres just no proof of what minerals taste like. this was very interesting to me at how passionate some winemakers will be about the minerality of their wine. Overall i think this was a great experience and i pulled so much knowledge from this trip i could have never pulled this much information out of a book and being there first hand and tasting some of the most famous wines in the world was an amazing learning experience.

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