Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Terroir in Burgundy

On Thursday, the OWIE group braved the brisk weather of Beaune and departed our warm Ibis hotel. Our destination? Domaine Drouhin. We climbed beautiful, old stairs into a marvelous, oval meeting room and were greeted by Robert Drouhin. After sitting at the table, Robert began giving us a fairly condensed history of the Borgogne region in France, and he talked about Oregon a little bit too.

Some of the most interesting Burgundy facts he gave us were:
1) Pinot noir was native in the Côte d'Or when the Romans arrived.
2) We know that the vines were already well established and old in the 3rd century.
3) There is a high demand for Burgundy wine right now and they cannot produce enough wine.

Some interesting comparisons between Oregon and Burgundy:
1) Burgundy is way older than Oregon.
2) In Oregon, wine makers are able to do whatever they would like to their wine, whereas there are very strict rules in burgundy.

These rules include but are definitely not limited to:
1) 10,000 vines per hectare are required.
2) The vineyard location most likely determines the appellation of the wine, and it is very difficult to change the appellation (it can take years).

On Friday, Dominique Lafont said something interesting about these rules. He said, "Even though we have a lot of rules and restrictions in France, we also have all these rules to protect us, too." So he gave us a little more perspective on the rules!

That's all I have for today!

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