Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Wine in Oregon Jan term

          Our wine experience in Oregon was a great introduction to the France portion and it really helped highlight some of the relationships and differences between the France and Oregon wine growing regions.
          First we met with David Adelshiem. He gave us a slideshow that really helped us see the roots of where Oregon wine has come from with pictures of the first plantings in Oregon and some of his early trips to burgundy where he learned a lot of ways to make his winemaking processes better. One of the biggest things that we learned from him in my opinion was when he was asked what is the French secret to making wine he said there is no secret it's just simply about location. This was interesting because even a winemaker in French who would come to Oregon and make wine the exact same way he did in France there would be tremendous differences in flavor of the wine simply because of the growing regions.
          We also visited David Millman at Domaine Drouhin of Oregon who also gave us some great insight to working with a French wine making company. He showed us his operation and gave us a tour of the barrel room. One of the most interesting things that we learned from David in my opinion was the difference in wine bottle labels between bottling requirements in France and bottling requirements in Oregon. On this same day we also met with Whitney. She gave us a lot of insite into the some things that we would have to know about burgundy. One of the main things that she taught us was the differences between the cru's. Grand cru, premier cru, and village level wines. This refers it the placing of the vineyard on the side of the hill.
          Overall this was a great experience and very helpful in helping us develop the relationship and some of the differences between Oregon and France. I can't wait to see what France holds for us.

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