Thursday, March 26, 2015

Project Progress

As my project is progressing, I like to keep track of what I need to do in chronological order. I thought this would be an important list to blog about as we blog about the entire process.

What needs to be done:

1. Meet with Jeff - verify project idea, pick his brain for further ideas and who to talk to
2. Discuss the necessities of class structure required from the Business Department
3. Meet with Ellen Brittan and talk about the Wine Minor - what she would like to see from a course
4. Talk to wine community member about what business people in the wine industry need to know
         - tighten up list and solidify meetings
5. Gather syllabus and class schedule examples for references
6. Create syllabus and class schedule using all information
7. Make powerpoint and presentation materials

This is what I am following through the last semester of our wine internship. As my spring internship has come to a close, I have more time to focus on this project and complete the entire process in a timely matter. I am looking forward to meeting with everyone listed above to see where this project goes and how it takes shape.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Progress

    After a hectic beginning to spring semester things are finally starting to get organized. My internship for the spring is a directly linked to my final project. In order to have enough information for my project, quite a bit of extensive research is needed. My internship is spent researching and interview for the project.
     It took some time to tweak the internship, in order to get the most out of it practically and educationally. For my final project to be complete I need to collect information from wineries which use quality assurance measures as part of their wine-making process. Additionally, I will visit with a few of the labs around the McMinnville area to see what they are testing for the wineries. This is the bulk of my internship, researching and collecting what tests and skills are needed for quality assurance in wine-making, from a lab perspective.
     Once I have a good idea of the skills and services that are needed I have arranged to work with one of my Linfield Chemistry professors to help write a crash course (month/week long) curriculum that could be taught to allow people who want to get into the wine business more marketable to employers.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Gettin' Ciggy With It

The spring portion of my internship has been divided into two separate, but equally important portions. Both are through a cigar company in Central Oregon that has taken me on for Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, January Term Break, as well as Spring Break. The long hours I work are dedicated to creating a cigar and wine pairing program as a way to promote their business and market new cigars coming on the market in early fall. This event was under my suggestion and has now become my personal project for the company. I have been integrating several parts of my major as well as my wine knowledge over the course of this learning experience. My management skills have come into play when trying to connect people and oversee a rather large potential event. I have had to use a marketing lens in order to find the best location, price, and people for the event. As a finance major, I have been working on the necessary funds and inventory as well as projecting the revenue that would come from inviting different clubs and people based on their current and past history with the company. The forecasting has been challenging, but quite the learning experience. I have also had to write an initial public offering (IPS) statement for a mock winery, come up with mutual funds and stocks to invest in according to this IPS, and provide a Morningstar X-Ray on my findings with the help of two other Linfield students.

While the project is quite extensive, and may not be followed through with upon my forecasting, it has been quite the learning experience. I can see the time and effort that wineries put in for planning events from the logistic and financial perspectives.

As for my project, I have finalized an idea after going back and forth with my original proposal. I want the future wine minors at Linfield to be able to experience what I learned from this internship in the form of a class. This is why I have decided to make a class that could be taught in the Linfield Business Department and count towards the wine minor for those who are interested in the business aspect of the wine industry. I am most likely going to focus on the financial side. We will see how it develops as the weeks progress.

Dominio IV and Chardonnay

For the spring section of OWIE, I am interning at Dominio IV! So far it has been a really nice experience, and I have already learned so much about wine. When I began the internship in February, I had no idea what I wanted to do; I just knew I had a desire to learn as much as I could about working in a winery. So, Patrick and Ryan began giving me little tasks to complete to become acquainted with the winery and tasting room. I started with creating a template for email blasts and working at the Candle Light Dinner in the cellar, and, for the past few weekends, I have been working in the tasting room with Ryan.

Instead of going in to the tasting room last Saturday, I volunteered at the Oregon Chardonnay Symposium with Josh. It was so much fun and super insightful! We spent the morning setting up the tables (there were about 205 place settings, and each person got six different glasses of Chardonnay to try). It took us about two and a half hours to finish, but it ended up looking amazing!

Here are a couple pictures from the Symposium:

Afterwards, there was a grand tasting in the Stoller tasting room where many different Oregon wineries came to pour their chardonnays. Josh and I saw many familiar faces, and we also talked to others we had not yet met. The whole experience was fascinating and really fun (even though it was pouring all day, and I ended up getting soaked). But, "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain," and we definitely danced (metaphorically) in the rain.

That's all I have for today!
-Over and out-

Interning-The Duck Pond way

I have had the opportunity to be an intern at Duck Pond Cellars. I am the tasting room manager's assistant intern. I am overly grateful for this opportunity since it goes hand in hand with my management major. I fortunately received this opportunity through Shelby Duarte, who went through the OWIE internship last year and is now working for Duck Pond as the Assistant Marketing Director. In the last month or so, I have helped do a lot of little things, and have had the opportunity to sit down with Shelby and learn about the wines that are in the tasting room, the staff and the history of this family ran operation. I am working under Erin Fries, who is one of the family members of the owners. She has been extremely fun to work with and I cannot wait to further my knowledge of wine within this company. It is also a bigger operation than what I have previously had experience with, so this will give me an idea of what I would like to do in the future. and the pros and cons of working in a smaller business versus a bigger business. I am also working on my project, which is building a business plan for a "Western Wine Ways" resort. I will take the knowledge and experience that I have gained in the last 9 months and the help of people in the industry and hopefully come up with a resort that people would enjoy going to. It also is something I am passionate about since I come from the small town of Prineville, OR. I hope to be able to tie the wine industry with that small town feel, because I love them both.