Thursday, March 26, 2015

Project Progress

As my project is progressing, I like to keep track of what I need to do in chronological order. I thought this would be an important list to blog about as we blog about the entire process.

What needs to be done:

1. Meet with Jeff - verify project idea, pick his brain for further ideas and who to talk to
2. Discuss the necessities of class structure required from the Business Department
3. Meet with Ellen Brittan and talk about the Wine Minor - what she would like to see from a course
4. Talk to wine community member about what business people in the wine industry need to know
         - tighten up list and solidify meetings
5. Gather syllabus and class schedule examples for references
6. Create syllabus and class schedule using all information
7. Make powerpoint and presentation materials

This is what I am following through the last semester of our wine internship. As my spring internship has come to a close, I have more time to focus on this project and complete the entire process in a timely matter. I am looking forward to meeting with everyone listed above to see where this project goes and how it takes shape.

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