Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Progress

    After a hectic beginning to spring semester things are finally starting to get organized. My internship for the spring is a directly linked to my final project. In order to have enough information for my project, quite a bit of extensive research is needed. My internship is spent researching and interview for the project.
     It took some time to tweak the internship, in order to get the most out of it practically and educationally. For my final project to be complete I need to collect information from wineries which use quality assurance measures as part of their wine-making process. Additionally, I will visit with a few of the labs around the McMinnville area to see what they are testing for the wineries. This is the bulk of my internship, researching and collecting what tests and skills are needed for quality assurance in wine-making, from a lab perspective.
     Once I have a good idea of the skills and services that are needed I have arranged to work with one of my Linfield Chemistry professors to help write a crash course (month/week long) curriculum that could be taught to allow people who want to get into the wine business more marketable to employers.

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