Thursday, March 19, 2015

Gettin' Ciggy With It

The spring portion of my internship has been divided into two separate, but equally important portions. Both are through a cigar company in Central Oregon that has taken me on for Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, January Term Break, as well as Spring Break. The long hours I work are dedicated to creating a cigar and wine pairing program as a way to promote their business and market new cigars coming on the market in early fall. This event was under my suggestion and has now become my personal project for the company. I have been integrating several parts of my major as well as my wine knowledge over the course of this learning experience. My management skills have come into play when trying to connect people and oversee a rather large potential event. I have had to use a marketing lens in order to find the best location, price, and people for the event. As a finance major, I have been working on the necessary funds and inventory as well as projecting the revenue that would come from inviting different clubs and people based on their current and past history with the company. The forecasting has been challenging, but quite the learning experience. I have also had to write an initial public offering (IPS) statement for a mock winery, come up with mutual funds and stocks to invest in according to this IPS, and provide a Morningstar X-Ray on my findings with the help of two other Linfield students.

While the project is quite extensive, and may not be followed through with upon my forecasting, it has been quite the learning experience. I can see the time and effort that wineries put in for planning events from the logistic and financial perspectives.

As for my project, I have finalized an idea after going back and forth with my original proposal. I want the future wine minors at Linfield to be able to experience what I learned from this internship in the form of a class. This is why I have decided to make a class that could be taught in the Linfield Business Department and count towards the wine minor for those who are interested in the business aspect of the wine industry. I am most likely going to focus on the financial side. We will see how it develops as the weeks progress.

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