Thursday, April 16, 2015

Busy Work Chaos

Progress update as of now:
1. I have met with ETS lab services in McMinnville and discussed what they offer and what type of background you have to have to work there.
2. Talked with Mark from Duck Pond Cellars about his lab methods.
3. Waiting for a response from the questions I asked via email to Corey from Core Enology and Colby from NW Wine Co.
4. Waiting for a response from Ellen and Robert Brittan, one in regards to the Linfield wine studies and the other about lab practices for their winery.
5. Purchased my Now, Discover Your Strengths book and took the online strengths test.

Still need to do:
1. I need to follow through with Maysara Winery about getting a hold of someone who can help me with my lab questions.
2. Write my 2nd reflection paper due next Friday.
3. Read some of the Discover Strengths book.
4. Start putting together a tentative crash course involving the skills I know of as of now.

It is a very busy time in the semester, filled with a wide variety of tasks, tests and projects!

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