Thursday, April 9, 2015

Finally Under Way

Though it took some time for me to find an internship after we came back from Beaune, my internship is now under way! I'll be completing my internship hours at R. Stuart and Co. Winery. I have worked in the tasting room at R. Stuart since the beginning of this school year and love working there.

What I love most is meeting those who come into our tasting room. We have a steady flow of regulars from McMinnville and the surrounding areas, as well as many tourists from around the world. From the regulars, I can learn all about their lives: what they do on weekends, who their children are and funny stories about McMinnville or Linfield if they've lived here for a long time. It's a very intimate connection because I am invested in their life. Often they are invested in my own, asking about school, singing and why I love wine. From the tourists, I learn about other places I would someday love to visit. I have heard about places as far away as Indonesia and as close as Chicago (and was enchanted by both).

This connection with the customers was what led me to choose an internship with R. Stuart. I wanted to learn what it was like to experience this every day, as someone who runs the tasting room. My boss, Casee, is an amazing role model. She knows how to connect with people quickly and effectively (and of course, how to sell wine). I'll be shadowing her and learning about how a tasting room functions, what a tasting room manager does, and how to do it well. I am very excited to learn more about her job—both the joys and the frustrations.

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