Thursday, April 16, 2015

How to be a Tasting Room Manager: Must Love Cleaning

The most important thing I have learned about being a tasting room manager so far: you must love cleaning.

Thankfully, I love to clean! And appearance makes a big difference in a tasting room and a customer's experience. Walking into a business that has crumbs on the floor, water rings on the tables and lots of dishes piling up on the bar is so off-putting. You wouldn't want to eat or drink there! In my regular job as a tasting room associate, I have to make sure that the service I give appears effortless and consistently sparkling. 

Though this is difficult at times, I never realized how difficult the tasting room manager's job is in this regard. Not only does she do my job (and do it at a higher level of skill), she also does lots of deep cleaning of the tasting room and back office. Dusting shelves, ordering food, vacuuming, mopping floors—all of this happens behind the scenes and not necessarily during normal hours of business.

Cleaning, however, can also mean something I love to do: organizing! This week, I helped reorganize all of our displays. We have a set of beautiful shelves on each side of the tasting room that display bottles, wine glasses and clothing that we have available for purchase. We also have information about the Willamette Valley and where to go next.

Refreshing these displays (which had stayed the same since about November, I believe) was so enjoyable! There was a faux-science to it, too. For example, we have two sparkling wines. I separated them and put one on each side of the room. But for all of our library wines, I put them all in one nook. Sometimes customers walk in and ask "where are your library wines?" Before, they were all over the place. Now, I can walk with them to the shelf and explain all of our library wines in one fell swoop.

Thankfully, I love every aspect of this internship so far—even the small tasks that might seem inconsequential, like cleaning or organizing!

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