Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Life After Surgery

Last week was my first week back to the internship due to surgery on a nerve in my elbow. I have been trying to figure out what was wrong since this last fall and we finally got it fixed. Anyways, on a happier note, I actually got to go back to working at Duck Pond Cellars. I was able to work most of a full day on Friday and had a lot to do. The only thing that I am unable to do is lift anything over 3 pounds, so I have little jobs assigned. I had to rewrite the board with our local wine and cheese pairings, the flights and our other local products. Today I also got to see what work has been done to the gift shop and Erin asked me to change anything that I didn't see fit. I changed a few things, but since this is something I have been working on for awhile, I want it all to be perfect. Anyways, I also had the opportunity to be a part of the corporate meeting. We talked about the accounting side of the company and at that moment I realized how grateful I am for the education and the opportunities that I have gotten through Linfield. I understood a lot of what was being presented and I love how I am finally able to tie things that I have learned over the past four years to the real world. Being in this internship has taught me a lot thus far and I cannot wait to see what I learn by the end of this semester.

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