Friday, April 10, 2015

Research, research, research!

After sending out emails to different wineries and labs I received quite a few interested in helping with my project! Yay!

Last week was filled with email responses and setting up times/best ways of communicating. Colby from NW Wine Co. is going to respond to my questions via email, which makes sense because as a group we already spent a bit of time there in the summer doing lab work for them. I had a phone conversation with Mark, Duck Pond Cellars winemaker. He provided a lot of good information and an open door if I have more questions. Corey from Core Enology promised to answer my questions via email, since I have already done a little bit of work with him in the fall.

I visited Steve at the ETS lab here in McMinnville, conveniently located in Davidson Wine Supplies. He showed me around the lab and explained what they do there. While it is not as fancy as their main lab, they have some pretty cool instruments and provide good services to the Willamette Valley for accredited wine analysis. I can see how doing routine testing through a lab could get spendy after awhile though.  

I am still trying to get a hold of Maysara Winery and doing some digging for some other sources to contact.

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