Thursday, April 23, 2015

Summer is around the corner

After our group meeting yesterday and writing my second reflection paper I realized that I am right on track of where I need to be with my project and research.

Looking back at the information I have collect it is quite extensive. I have learned why Mark does all his own analysis at Duck Pond and what the ETS satellite lab here in McMinnville offers to its clients. I am meeting with Robert Brittan today to learn about how he conducts his wine analysis for his lab. I also received responses to the questions I asked Corey from Core Enology. I understand why he runs his own consulting lab and is a great resource to the local wineries too.

Since summer is a mere five weeks away it is time to start compiling what I have learned this semester (and previous ones) and putting it into application. In the coming weeks I will begin to develop the curriculum needed for a crash course in lab skills and wine lab tests.

Stay tuned for more!

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