Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tasting Time!

A year into this project and I still feel like I do not know much about my chosen subject of research. Chardonnay in this state is still in its infancy and any effort to quantify/qualify is met with elusion and more questions.

I have enjoyed meeting with winemakers and vineyard owners over the past year - the stories are fascinating and helpful. However, I am finding that they don't always provide actual data, or at least anything that provides an objective view of chardonnay. I recently met with Dave and Jeanne Beck who were kind enough to provide me with vineyard reports and trends in terms of wine scores, which will certainly help me along. But still, I question, do I really know what Oregon chardonnay is?

I will be reviewing my notes (typing them up for better organization) to see any more general trends and talk about matters that I can safely talk about (keep in mind that I am not a winemaker or vineyard manager of any kind - just a newbie). In the meantime, I am organizing a tasting with industry and restaurant professionals to discuss Oregon chardonnay and see if we can discern any innate qualities. Erica Landon of Walter Scott Wine has been incredibly helpful in getting this organized - I am excited to see what the results will be!

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