Friday, April 10, 2015

Timing is Everything

I chose the worst possible week to try and meet with business faculty. With course registration coming up, advising appointments have taken over every professor's schedule. Essentially this means that I have had to schedule appointments varying from one to two weeks out to get the information I need in creating my own course. Although I have not yet gained this information yet, I have taken another step forward in getting it!

As for the course, I have begun to read the required text and plan to get through the majority this weekend. I know that our second paper due date is quickly approaching, so I would like to have the book and accompanying test completed as soon as possible. This will leave more room open for completing my project and being able to receive critique well before the presentation deadline.

Unfortunately this means that I do not have as much information as I was hoping for from this week. While getting the scheduling out of the way is an accomplishment, I will be expecting to have all of the required information for my project by next week to ensure I am on the right track. I will also be completing the final parts of my spring internship by filling out the necessary paperwork as well as sending the evaluation forms to my supervisor.

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