Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hate to see it end but love to see it over

          At my final week at Oregon Barrel works I learned how they put the final rings on the barrels before they are wrapped for shipping. They use a huge hydraulic press that presses the final rings onto the barrels. The steel rings that we used for shaping the barrels finally come off and more attractive galvanized steel ones are put on. Once the hydraulic ram pushes the rings on then they are lightly sanded again and a rivet is put into the ring and the side of the barrel keeping them from coming loose and moving. This was my job, using the rivet gun to put in the final rivets. I learned so much over the course of this internship it is hard to put ever detail into a blog post but I hope I have captured the essence of it for you. In my estimate I think it takes approximately 40 man hours for each barrel to be completed and a lot of back breaking work. So next time you go to fill a barrel with wine know that there was a lot blood and sweat and tears that went into it. The tears were probably mostly mine though.

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